To Whom It May Concern:


Thank you for giving BE CONNECT the opportunity to present their services to you. BE CONNECT is a division of IDB PRODUCTIONS (PTY) LTD. / 2013/001931/07.



BE CONNECT is a WiFi Hotspot service provider. We supply fast and reliable internet(WiFi) via our state of the art infrastructure. Our speed can reach up to 30mbps for download.



You as affiliate provide us with a venue and power source, you will also be helping with the sales of our vouchers.

We supply all the necessary equipment in a neat little black box.

Our install team will come to your venue and setup the small footprint of equipment in a very professional manner.

Once the install is complete basic training will be provided.

A WiFi Hotspot with the name of “BE CONNECT” will now be detectable via all smart mobile devices and laptops.

The user will connect to this WiFi Hotspot and will be prompted to sign-in on the landing page.

The user will type in their username and password, which they will receive when buying a voucher online or at the venue.



The voucher will contain the following information.

  • Package
  • Username
  • Password
  • Speed
  • Price
  • Contact number


This will then tell the system for how long the user may connect to the internet.



The system will check the voucher/user connectivity the whole time when they are connected to the hotspot. As soon as the user has used up all there data the server will log them out and prompt them of using up all there data. The user can then buy a new voucher and continue to the sign-in page and connect again.



At BE CONNECT we take security very seriously, the network we use is fully encrypted and no data form your device will be transmitted without consent.

Firewalls are installed on each hotspot for safer and more secure browsing.

You as affiliate have the option to block certain sites.

For example:

A school, all adult sites, Facebook, YouTube etc. can be blocked for safety.


Be Connect will provide branding to the venue, such as stickers, wall posters,  door signs etc.



You as affiliate get the opportunity to advertise on our website, with full company details.

Your logo will also be seen on the landing page when a user connects to the hotspot.



There are currently 4 packages available.


100MB = R 10.00

500MB = R 30.00

1GB = R 50.00

5GB = R 200.00

*new packages will be available soon




Because you are lending us a helping hand, we here at BE CONNECT will be giving a 10% cash back on the total turnover of each and every month to you.



Our support team is available to assist you as affiliate and user with any questions and problems along the way, via WhatsApp, email and phone.

Our system is upgraded frequently, to give you as user and affiliate a great internet experience.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this proposal.


Hope to hear from you soon.





Imile de Bruin(MD)

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